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Anyone with a love for the sea and its history must visit Port Victoria, the last of the windjammer ports.

Port Victoria is situated just a couple of hours drive from Adelaide. The town jetty is a good one for squid, snook, gar and big tommies at night, whilst offshore there are plenty of snapper and big whiting.


Wardang Island protects the bay at Port Victoria from strong onshore winds.


Fishing charters operate throughout the region and are known for their tales about the ones that didn’t get away!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, book a fishing charter with one of our local experts and you won’t be disappointed.


Wardang Island, sacred to the local Nharangga Aboriginal people and known as Waralti forms a natural breakwater against the south-westerlies which buffet the western coast of Yorke Peninsula.

Wardang Island, eight kilometres off Port Victoria in Spencer Gulf, has at least thirteen known shipwrecks in the area, eight of which has been located within 10 miles of each other and forms the Wardang Island Maritime Heritage Trail.


Barley Stacks Wines was the first commercial vineyard and winery to be established on the traditional barley belt of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Barley Stacks Wines offers visitors a unique Australian experience unlike any other. The wine produced at Barley Stacks Wines is made from the grapes grown in the Barley Stacks Wines vineyards, which are crushed, fermented, stored and bottled right on site. 


The vineyard has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and ensuring leading edge technology is utilized to maintain consistently high quality wines.


Located just a stones throw from some of the most pristine beaches on the Southern Yorke Peninsula, Watsacowie is a destination for lovers of craft beer and good times.

With 12 regular taps serving icy cold beer and cider all year round, there's bound to be a brew you'll love. They also have a small selection of S.A. made wines for those who aren't keen on beer.


If you are looking for a good day out with friends look no further than Sunny Hill. They have a very extensive range of cocktails using their own spirits and if that doesn't tickle your fancy they also have a fully stocked bar with local craft beer and wine.

The outside area includes a large deck and lawn area which is a great place for the kids to play or sit with your dog and enjoy the spectacular views. Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket/umbrella etc.


The fishing in the bay is generally excellent, particularly for whiting during the cooler months. Many of these fish are better than 40 centimetres and can be taken from a number of recognised grounds when conditions are right.

The L-shaped jetty can provide a lot of fun at night for those who enjoy catching snook. These fish aren’t the giants regularly caught offshore, but average approximately 60 centimetres and they are often keen to grab small minnow lures or strip baits.

Boat launching is very convenient. The ramp is situated just south of the town and can handle bigger trailer boats at all stages of the tide. Snapper fishing around and beyond Wardang Island is first rate during the summer months

geology trail.jpg

The Port Victoria Geology Trail is a 4km path that heads south from the jetty to explore the quiet foreshore at the Rifle Butts Beach, where 2000 million years ago volcanoes spewed ash and red-hot lava into the atmosphere and earthquakes shook the ground.
Walk down the many access points along the way to get a closer look at the different types of rocks which are explained in detail in the information brochures. The points are marked by large black boulders.


The Port Victoria to Balgowan section of Walk The Yorke is one of the shorter sections at a distance of 21.3 kilometres, and taking 5 hours 20 minutes. From Port Victoria through to Balgowan, the entire section of Walk The Yorke has a shared trail for walkers & cyclists.

Just to the north of Port Victoria, the trail goes inland through the Nharangga Aboriginal Lands and Point Pearce.  This area is culturally significant for Yorke Peninsula, with a wealth of history.  It is also home to the Southern Hairy-nose Wombat, and their warrens can be seen throughout.


Port Victoria Maritime Museum is housed in the original general cargo shed which was brought out from England in kit form in 1877. It was erected at the landward end of the jetty.


The jetty took only seven months to build and was completed in January 1878. Household goods for the early settlers in the town and surrounding farmlands were brought by steamers from Port Adelaide and stored in the cargo shed until the settlers’ homes were completed.

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